Story Quest Academy courses gives tweens and teens an outlet for their creativity while teaching them composition, grammar, and editing skills. Our goal is for kids to LOVE stories, cultivate their creativity and boost their imagination.

Each course is packed with fun activities, easy-to-understand education on writing & editing, and a DIY book club!

It was great to see my kids enjoying a writing class so much! - Janice D. Parent

Available Courses

Free Writer Resources

Have an aspiring writer on your hands? Give them a gift that will unlock their creativity, and provide them with a treasure trove of resources.

Get the Short Story Outline Worksheet, the 12 Commonly Confused Words Cheat Sheet, Genre Word Count Cheat Sheet, and so much more absolutely FREE!

Sign up now for this treasure trove of FREE Writers Resources and get access to these downloads PLUS more!

Adventure Quest & Mystery Quest Bundle

Buy both courses and get 25% off with coupon code HOMESCHOOLER!

These self-paced 8 week language arts courses are packed with fun activities, easy-to-understand education, and rewards to keep creative tweens & teens motivated. 

Do you have a daydreamer, a voracious reader or creative kid? Start your Story Quest today!

Step 1: Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest is all about pirates, buried treasure, ships, and tropical islands.

This course focuses on writing outlines, beating writers block, running writing sprints, reading fun books, learning about nouns, and tons of other fun activities. Learn more here.

Do you have a daydreamer, a voracious reader or creative kid? Start your Adventure Quest today!

Step 2: Mystery Quest

Mystery Quest is all about detectives, catching criminals, and solving mysteries.

This course focuses creating characters, building a fun writing routine, reading fun books, learning about verbs, and tons of other fun activities.

Give your daydreaming and voracious readers a creative outlet that teaches them skills!

Story Evaluation

Don't have time or energy to give feedback on your writer's story? No problem!

You can purchase an evaluation by one of the qualified instructors at Story Quest Academy for only $15 per student. This also includes basic grammar and spelling corrections. 

The Homeschool Quest

Join our discussion group to learn about curriculum, free resources, share blog posts, get recommendations, find out about special deals and more!

Clean Indie Writers & Readers

Post book reviews, share blog posts, get recommendations and share your opinions on clean indie books!

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